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Default NILE Hookah Tobacco anyone heard of?

Brand box says NILE hookah tobacco, authentic Egyptian, made in eqypt by arabic factory of smoking prince molasses, distributed by tobacco l.p. glenview il, 60025 does not have weight, nicotine content etc on the box. Has anyone heard of this brand? i tried doing a search and found nothing here, on google etc, So i bought a 50 gram box of mango, nice box, comes sealed in a silver wrapper, than inside that is a cellophane, the shisha does not appear died, smells good just like a mango, the cut is kinda long, not going to smoke it till later, also got a box of grape, very red, very juicy, smells like ketchup with a hint of grape, has the "bad batch" smell went right into the garbage.
The gas station 2 blocks away from my home started caring this, which is real cool, overpriced at 4.25 a box, but convenient, they only have 3 flavors so far, double apple, mango, grape. and starlight quicklight coals.

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