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Default Re: Good Shisha Brand??

Are you a smoker? That is other than hookah. Do you smoke cigarettes or cigars or pipes?
What I'm getting at is, do you have any sort of tolerance for nicotine? If you are a smoker then I agree with Mad Hatter, try out some Nakhla. If you have little to no nicotine tolerance, Nakhla may be too strong in which case you may wish to try some of the "washed" tobaccos such as Starbuzz or HookahHookah. Starbuzz is well known for in your face flavor and smoke production. HookahHookah gets a pretty bad rap around here but does have some pretty good flavors. HH 7 Spice is one of my favorites in the flavor department, but it doesn't have a nicotine "punch" like Nakhla does.
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