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Default Re: Good Shisha Brand??

Originally Posted by Dreamer1917 View Post
thank you. now i understand a little more. and i'm a former cigarette fiend, but now i love hookahs. so starbuzz is a good bet then. ill try to find a steady supply. thanks dee and mad hatter for your time and wisdom
yea man no prob.. try out those brands.. and if you want a little more kick to your tobacco go for some nakhla.. it has a higher nicotine level than most washed hookah tobaccos.. and it will give you an amazing nicotine buzz.. also nakhla makes great mixes for ex.

nakhla sweet melon + nakhla Mizo watermelon (great mix)

or if you really want that nicotine.. go for some tangiers noir.. well maybe not that.. you might not get it right the first couple of times with that whole acclimation thing

just get samples of different flavors/brands and figure out what brand and flavor is for you

Good Luck
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