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Default Harshness Issues

Hi guys, thought I'd try to get everyones input on this... I have traditionally stuck to my safety blanket of Starbuzz and the occasional Fumari but have recently ventured new flavors from Nakhla Mizo and Al Fahker.

The problem I've been having is that I seem to be getting the dreaded harsh throat tingle far too often than I'd like. I smoke one bowl every night and sometimes one in the afternoon as well. Going through my batch of AF Grape, AF Cafe Latte, Nakhla Mizo Guava + Watermelon, all these seem to turn out unpleasant because of the harshness. I am very conscious of my heat management rotating when needed. I use my vortex mostly but just fired up my small phunnel tonight to no prevail. With AF and Nakhla mizo, I pack really fluffy with a little space between the HD foil. I tried 2 coco's, 3 coco's, and even 4 (terrible idea) and I either get thin whispy smokes from too little and huge clouds with no flavor from too many. Windcover almost always makes the bowl too hot and increases the harshness for me.

What am I doing wrong? or maybe this is normal for the mentioned brands? I'm kind of tired with the starbuzz flavors as I've practically tried every single one. Help!
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