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Default Re: Acclimation with LUCID Tangeirs!?!?!?

I just stick my tangiers in the oven (WITHOUT TURNING THE OVEN ON) and let it sit usually in about 45 mins it smells fine and ready to go.

Originally Posted by uglybiker View Post
I think the humidity claim is a bunch of BS.
Cas in point:
wacawaca has problems in S. Carolina where the humidity is usually over 90% (I know. I used to live there).
I've had the same problems here in Arizona where the humidity is often down in the single digits.

It's something else.
I live in AZ and I have never ever had a problem with tangiers og, caf line, or lucid. I never have even accu. Lucid in AZ.

I guess I'm just lucky

but I rarely smoke Tangiers I have about 5 Kilos sitting here. Nakhla owns me =]
There are too many Nakhla DA fans =/
Wheres my Nakhla Esk apple fans...
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