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Originally Posted by BuzzHookah View Post
Smoking is never going to be good for you but i enjoy the ritual of hookah as much as I do the buzz and Im about to have a baby so im looking to cut out as much toxin as i can. These Herbal shishas, SOEX and the like are they any good? Are they a comparable smoke? What flavors would any of you SOEX enthusiasts recommend?
Soex is shit and all of the other "herbals" are average to utter crap. The best of them are only average if you like washed, fruity mod type products.

Basically no evidence exists that the so called herbals are in anyway less harmful to smoke then tobacco based moassels. What I recommend is that you smoke the real thing because it tastes better. If you want to control the risks associated with smoking you need to a) reduce the amount of time spent smoking 2) treat moassel like a cigar in how you smoke. That means take it slow and don't inhale. Forget about clouds and focus on tastes. 3) use natural coals and make sure they are fully started before smoking. 4) The second hand smoke thing is basically junk science so read up on the links I've posted about that and don't worry about it.
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