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Default Re: Mini Mya Clearance Hookah from

I got one from hookah-shisha too and smoked out of it last night. I put a diffuser on it and the pull was restricted. Definitely not as much smoke as I liked. The taste was also decreased. Took the diffuser off in the middle of the session and got twice the smoke (or more) and the taste seemed more pronounced. The diffuser is nice to quite things down, but don't think I'll use it again on the Mya. I have one on my KM that I have yet to try (hopefully tonight). I predict I won't like it either and will take it off.

Anyway, for being free, it's a good hookah. The only minor complaint I have is that the neck is small to fit normal sized ice cubes. I had to melt them first. Also, the base grommet is pretty flimsy and it bunched up when I smoked it, making it not so airtight.
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