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Talking Is Al Fakher on the rebound? Really now?

Lately, this company's rep has been rolling in the dirt because of their products' inconsistency, throat tickle and/or ketchup flavouring. But the latest Al Fakher batches I have received (from June 09 to September 09) have all been fantastic!

Not that my '08 batches have treated me wrong, but they (even the Golden ones) have that annoying harshness that some of us have experienced. It's just a matter of paying more attention to the packing/heat management, but it's still friggin' annoying.

Now, I found that the September 2009 Orange from Al Fakher is a delight! And so are the other flavors I ordered that were made during the last 6 months. Some of us have been poking fun at this brand for a while now, but if this really is the great comeback of Al Fakher, I think it's time to pay our respect to this company and its long-awaited return to quality.

So HP, what are your latest experiences with AF? Don't forget to mention the production dates!
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