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Default Nammor Euphrates from Hookah-Shisha

I was wondering if anyone has a Nammor Euphrates from I have placed an order for one but want to make sure it's a good hookah before receiving/using it. I'm somewhat new to hookah and have only smoked a few times, owning only a smaller one in the past which I've since sold. I tried searching for reviews and such but all that comes up is stuff about the Nammor hoses. Anyways if someone could shed some light on the quality of this hookah I'd appreciate it. Also some tips that are specific to it would be a nice bonus.

I got the black luxor base with it if it makes a difference. I figured I'd post here while I anxiously await the shipment which looks like it won't get here until next year due to a shipping screw up on their part.
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