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Default Re: Looking to buy a MZ...

the mz hookahs are great. i prefer them to km because of the sturdier yet lighter build. they also have a beautiful finish that wont fade over time like most km's. i have the 38" nefertiti.....and the pictures on the webesites do absolutely no justice for how pretty these hookahs really are. i have smoked many km's and they are great, i just noticed how the welds are scuffy, and there are machine marks damn near all over them. i have also noticed how fast they weather compared to the MZs. you can till tell the mz is hand made, if you take it out in the sun and look. there is the same scuff on the hose port form bending, but its not to the gold metal and i only visible in the sun. the mz welds are beautiful nonetheless and are not like the metal over-glued look of most km's. now that my K.M. semi-hate is over make a good choice!!! i still love km
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