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Default burnt taste all of the sudden?

ok, so i don't want to sound like a complete newbie....i actually know what im doing when it comes to hookah and heat management.

that said, my past 2 sessions have been cut short by a horrible burnt taste out of nowhere. i have been packing the bowl exactly how i always have (cleaning it first as best i can), i have been using the same foil, i have been using the same coals (start it with 3 CH QL's and then switch to 2 and a windcover once it gets going) and the same shisha (these 2 instances have happened with Nak SM and AF cafe latte.)
the session starts off nice, with big clouds, good flavor and a nice relaxing situation. but then, literally in one hit it goes bad and all i get is a horrid taste. the clouds stay the same, but the flavor just goes south in an instant. i have had to stop smoking my last 2 sessions because of this horrible taste coming in out of nowhere.

any ideas?
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