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Originally Posted by bpetruzzo View Post
I have to agree that personal experiences vary. And when it comes to things like botched orders, late shipments and defective items, we have to take people's personal experiences with a grain of salt. Those things happen. But blatant dishonesty is an issue we can't ignore. Businesses who adopt dishonesty as part of their practice are unlikely to only do it once. If they've been dishonest about this, it casts doubt on everything they claim.

Is a Tangiers Phunnel really a Tangiers Phunnel, are they cutting corners selling old shisha, was the cracked base you got really damaged in shipping? Once a company reveals they're willing to lie to earn a buck, it's difficult to trust them in anything.

If it were almost any other issue I'd say this thing was blown out of proportion. But I'd say dishonesty is a pretty big deal.

On another note, lets say somehow they were duped by a distributor and really did believe that Nammor was a style not a brand. The solution is simple: own up to the mistake humbly and thoroughly rectify the problem for the affected customers--without being asked. There, reputation saved.

If I really thought that this was the case with this vendor, it wouldn't be a big deal. However, SouthSmoke does know Sami Romman, his products as well as all the other players in the online hookah world. The only people being duped here were the end buyers. My thoughts are that SS did this to make a quick buck since sales were probably slow compared to other vendors (then again, when's the last time they made a post about anything around here?). I personally will not buy from SouthSmoke again.
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