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your hose...
can you (and others) please post a picture of the hose(s) they sent you?

on vendor mistakes...
i hate when vendors act like they're doing you a favor correcting a mistake they made. but don't lose sight of their willingness (if they are) to make it right. especially if they're prepared to go above and beyond for anyone affected. all vendors make mistakes. we see this in vendor reviews. and if they haven't yet, they're bound to.

on fakes...
copies in this industry are all over the place: phunnels, LOTS of Mya, tobacco, coco-nara's, etc. soon, we'll see knock off's of CrownHookah Bowls for less. how much more can be innovated in hookahs?

2 cents...
once in a while, it's justice when a vendor pays for a very bad mistake. but consider measuring a vendor not by the mistakes, but by their willingness to correct them. some of my first observations about this [small] community are the efforts and great lengths people take be COOL to one another.. buyer and seller alike. remember when hookah-john was the brunt of some smack talking before? he's worked himself to be one of today's respected vendors. vendor competition keeps prices low, which is good for all of us, no?

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