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Default Perplexed on flavor

Yesterday my order from Hookah-Shisha arrived. They have become my number one hookah store because of the fast shipping and great customer service. When we opened it up and smelled the tobacco that we got my wife easily picked SB Blue Mist. Great smoke and great flavor, however I am perplexed by the taste.

All the reviews say Blueberry with Mint/Menthol aftertaste, which I got. But there was another taste I just can't figure out. It bugged me the whole smoking session and now I turn to you guys. I think it taste a lot like sugar cookies after you blow out the smoke and the menthol taste goes away, but I am just not sure. Anybody know what I am talking about or did I just get a weird batch? If you know what I am talking about, have you figured out what it is?

And I did search on the forum but all I found was the Blueberry/Mint flavor, not the aftertaste I am talking about.
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