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Default Thinking of starting a box pass.

Alright so some of you may or may not know what a box pass is. Basicly in a nutshell, someone starts a box, puts some shisha in it and some other stuff, and sends it to someone. They take whats in the box and then put something new in the box. then they send it to someone else and it goes down the list of participants and finally returns to the starter. The shisha doesnt have to be good, or be new or even shisha, just toss in what you dont want or feel like other people should try. In past experiences with this on snuson forums, it was awesome and really exciting. I think the community here could really get good at this. Dont worry about your trade history. All members in the US can participate.

So If you want to participate, just shoot me a PM and we will get a list rollin!!!1

General Guide Lines:

1.) Lemon.J.Pooding (myself) will be the organizer and route master. I will set up the most time efficient route for the package to follow. Once the route has been setup, I will fill a box with a some Shisha and some other goodies.

2.) When you get the package, please take the other members into consideration. Feel free to take as much as you like, but if you take something please replace it with something of equal awesomeness (IE if you take a whole 50g of DA replace it with some tropicana or something of that sort.)

3.) Because of customs and such this box is limited to US residents only, dont want customs getting in the way of the fun. Sorry uk lads :/

4.) Limit is 10 members! Anymore and it would take to long to get around to other people. First 10 confirmed address I get will be added to the route and I will post the route here.
I will send the box out via USPS Priority Mail. A list of all 10 mailing address (along with mine) will be included inside the box so you will know who to pass it on too. Naturally, the 10th person will return the contents of the box to me so I can perform an exorcism on it and put it to a final rest.

Any other guidelines or comments are appriciated start those PM's!

red name = recieved the box/sent
2. BigBlind
3. lilbrummy87
4. jakejacobson

5. Hayter


10. chain

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