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Default Re: Is Al Fakher on the rebound? Really now?

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
OK, obviously everyone has different experiences with the new AF style. We get people everyday on the boards who love it and some of us tell them it sucks yet they get excellent experiences with it. I cannot even take more than a few puffs of any flavor - it's too tingly. There's no harsh taste, it's just a tingle that I can't stand. I thought it was the cut, but if that was in fact the problem everyone would be experiencing it, instead of a select few. My buddy thinks I'm crazy when I say I can't smoke it, and my other friend who one night just loaded a bowl of peach/vanilla based off of what he saw us do (he had never loaded a bowl before) had one of the best sessions he can remember.

I have heard a couple times that the Dye used may have something to do with it. I have to admit, I have never really smoked a lot of AF before. When i did, however, I got the throat tickle from Cinnamon at all times, even with the older cut - I attributed it to being a spicy flavor.

It has to be something other than a new cut, it just seems that a minority of us are overly sensitive to something else they use in the recipe. Maybe a lower quality product was used to cut costs?
I my friend am probably one of those minorities as it royally pisses me off when a bowl of AF does that to me. I'll have you know though that I've been getting awesome sessions lately from AF Grape, Coconut, and Mint. Only one that gave me throat tingle recently was a coffee flavor.
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