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Default A couple of questions

Hey, I'm new to this forum, and new to hookah smoking somewhat, but I love it and it is something I want to continue. I have my own hookah, a 10 inch Pumpkin hookah, and I think I am doing something wrong, because I haven't encountered this problem when I've gone to hookah bars. Today, I packed a bowl of Soex Melon flavor. I had trouble finding tobacco shisha, but I'm getting some Al-Fakher soon. Anyway, today when I was smoking away, the smoke started to turn harsh. I took off the coal a couple times, and eventually this went away. Also my holes were really tiny in the last bit of the session, so that could be the cause. But I got a headache, a pretty bad one at that. What was I doing wrong? I hadn't dranken anything or eaten anything before hand, and I heard that that could be the cause. But perhaps is there something wrong with the way I'm setting it up, because I don't think my foil was touching the shisha. Also, has anyone ever experienced harshness and headaches using Soex Melon before, because I thought that might be the cause.
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