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Default Re: A couple of questions

Hey, well there are many different things that could make your shisha harsh mainly it either has to do with the bowl or the heat management. So first if your using regular foil use 2 layers or if your using HD use one layer. Make sure the foil is really tight also, and you want the shisha to be lightly packed and just at the rim of the bowl but not over. Your hole pattern should be a bunch of holes covering the aluminum evenly in a circular pattern. And as far as heat management try starting with 2 coals opposite of eachother always on the very edge of the bowl. If that starts to get harsh u can rotate the coals or just remove 1 and use a wind cover or just the coal. Only move the coal more towards the middle if it isnt hot enough, and make sure to mix up your shisha so is nice and juicy. Hope this helps! Happy smoking!
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