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Originally Posted by bpetruzzo View Post
I seriously doubt they have any legal ground to stand on. I wouldn't worry. Most of the time anyone says things like that, they're banking on you getting scared. A law suit wouldn't save their business at this point any way. In fact, it would only make things much, much worse.

Between lawyer and court fees and the painfully damaging effect of a lawsuit with a customer, they're tens of thousands of dollars in the red. Not to mention the incalculable cost of devastating loss of reputation.

A wise assessment of the situation would say that over 30 bucks, they should just give the customer what they want. Unless they get on here to explain their side of the story and somehow we've all got it totally wrong, no court decision is going to change our opinions, which is what they're clearly worried about. But there's something incriminating about their distaste for full disclosure. Guilty parties don't hide. But at this point, the fight isn't about a $30 hose anymore, it's about something more altogether. The best they could hope for is to just give the refund and hope this incident fades quietly into the past and people forget about it. Which they eventually will.

I have to wonder what kind of head injury the SS management had to suffer not to see the solution to this problem clearly.
I also didn't appreciate the rhetoric of this lady calling me a baby,etc and being paranoid about backround noise claiming im on speaker or recording the call (which btw I could do if I wanted to,in this state)

its alot of pain for 30 bux but its the principle of the matter. The fact that from minute one they where disingenuous. I have since gotten in contact with Romman who own the Trademark just so they know the situation that went on.
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