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Default Re: fake nammor

If Nammor is a registerd trademark, I think if anyone should be going to court, it should be Romman VS Southsmoke. In my opinion, if Nammor is not a registered trademark, then Southsmoke has every right to put the name on a hose of their choice,However,If they are going to sell them, they should say it is none washable.
If I was Southsmoke, I would edit my web pages and choose my words wisely,to prevent this sort of thread from happening again. Like someone said earlier, word of mouth is the way this business is done. Internet is business potential,the whole world right in the palm of your hands, and when the whole world knows, as small as it is, about bad business, guess what happens. If there are members on here that are members of other forums, well, let's just say words are cheap. Have you ever heard of the snowball effect. If you were running down a hill, ahead of a snowball, by the time you get to the bottom, the snowball is going to be really huge, and it's going to hurt when it catches up to you.
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