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Smile Opening up a Lounge

I know there have been many topics on opening a hookah lounge, and I have searched and read a majority if not all of them. So let me layout and explain what we have so far.

A friend and I plan on opening a hookah lounge in Virginia when we return from Deployment. We have most of the prices planned out such as prices and brands/flavors. As of right now we have 5 brands (Starbuzz, Tangiers, Romman, Al Fakher, Hydro Herbal) 3 of the brands will have 8 flavors each as of right now but this is just a base to work off of. The 5th brand which is Hydro Herbal (tobacco/nicotine free) would be for others and that would only have 5 flavors ((Any experience on this brand would be greatly appreciated)) Romman will only have 4 flavors because of it being 'premier' and more expensive than Starbuzz.

We plan on spending 2170 for a base stock on Shisha with 3600 on hookahs (30 hookahs at about $120 a piece) so we have a initial base to start up. We plan on spending $2750 a month for rent with $1000 spent on decorations/furniture (couches/chairs would be yard sale/goodwill) and another $1000 on advertisement to start up and get some recognition. The location would be oceanfront/city where it is busy year round plus tourism. Utilities such as water, electricity and wi-fi are set at $400 a month. All hookah accessories such like coals and mouth tips are both set at $500. All of that came out to about $12750 for start up including a building, hookah/shisha with accessories, as well as utilities.

--- We based out prices off of, although we do not know if they are a wholesaler/supplier. I have e-mailed them but no response yet.

We are missing permits/licenses and a name, because we really can't find much on what type of license to get or anything of that sort. ANY help or tips would be greatly appreciated. We are serious about making this work and would like any help that could be provided. Feel free to e-mail me at or AIM at: Xx Kanida xX. THANKS AGAIN!
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