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Default Your staples...are coming loose...Ew.

Okay so im bored again so I am making another curiosity based thread! Hooray Sui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I have noticed there are 2 staples of my shisha stash and smoke rotation, that sometimes say F the rotation and stays the shisha in my bowl for weeks at a time.

-Nahkla DA (no suprise)

-Nahkla Mizo Mint (^.^)

So heres the point here, Post up your staples! They don't have to be your favorite smokes but just something you buy in bulk and have temper tantrums over if not available.

Recently I have been floating around trying a bunch of new flavors and old favorites, but then I got back to the roots and tossed in some DA...its been a week and I have no desire to smoke anything else but DA. Maybe thats just the power of the Apples, but thats more of an inquiry for Dee
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