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Default Re: Opening up a Lounge

Well see that's another problem. I do not see why people need 50K to open up a lounge, I understand if they spend money on brand new furniture, alcoholic drinks and a staff. My partner and I will not be selling alcohol because of the age restriction. We are trying to keep it open up to the 18+ age range. We would be running the lounge just us two and his wife, so we would not be paying staff. Plus all decorations will be used at first then we'd upgrade. We've priced everything from hookah's and shisha, with a place of business, we've accounted for everything we can think of except for licenses and permits. We only came out to 12750 and that is without a business wholesale with an EIN number.

We are only looking to open a hookah lounge at first, a urban/laid back area to smoke and meet people. We would eventually upgrade with more/better furniture and equipment. In the long run we plan on opening a shop to sell out of as well as run a lounge.

Edit: And to comment on the shisha brands. We want to have brands available as well as flavors. This would only be a start up base, we would of course expand to more flavors with each brand.

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