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Default Re: Opening up a Lounge

Originally Posted by Bassem View Post
You can cut your initial hookah purchase costs by half. You can get KM's wholesale for $60, tops. If you are willing to do a lot of the physical work your self, and you go for a more traditional atmosphere, you should be able to bring the remodel costs in for less then 15k easily. We started our lounge for 10k, and over the last 3 years have added to it as needed. Still have less then 30k in it completely, including projection tv and all new flooring. Had a guy open up a hookah lounge 2 blocks down the street from us last year. He dropped 80k, went wild with everything, lasted 8 months, and we recently bought all his stuff for 20 cents on the dollar when he went out. I can't stress enough- it's about the atmosphere, not about the money spent. Food? We serve snacks, but people don't come to a hookah lounge to eat. Snacks, c offee, tea, lemonade, pop, water- OK. But if you want to serve food, open a restaurant. Food brings a whole new level of licenses, permits, and inspectors, and most importantly labor costs, and it's almost always a loss leader anyway. Ask any bar owner, there's no money in the food end. Call the cities building and permit department, and they will either give you the info you need, ot steer you towards who can. Work with them, NOT against them. If you want some help, e.m. me at anytime. Good Luck!!
That is awesome to hear! We do plan on modeling, painting and working things ourselves rather than paying others to do it or buying top notch. We do believe that atmosphere is the most important aspect and that is why we are still working on the theme or our place. We do plan on selling drinks such as water and bottled soda/juice, as well as snacks as well. I agree people do not go to lounges to eat but rather to relax, chill and have a good time! We haven't set our prices to a wholesale cost so when we do compare to wholesale we'll either save a lot of bulk up more on hookah's and shisha or more into the decoration/furniture area.

I believe that there is no reason you need more than 15K-20K to start up, and easily add on as the time comes. No reason to smash down on expensive things, like you said it is all about the atmosphere rather than luxury. Thanks for the information, that has really helped a lot considering you have accomplished what we plan on to without the ridiculous 50K-80K (Considering they are not supplying staff and alcohol.)
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