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Default Re: Not getting smoke from Naklha Mizo line

personally i wouldnt use an overpack with mizo cause of how wet it is (it seems from my experiences dryer tobaccos work better with the over pack) and while its a nice treat to overpack it really uses a crap load of tobacco.

i would for sure check for leaks, i had the same issues using a mod bowl and my mya mini, the mod grommet was fine but the bowl wasnt able to get tight enough on it cause the tray is so high so i had to make a little thing out of wire bent up and down to push the grommet up a bit farther to give a tighter seal and that gave me big results.

i usually pack pretty lose and leave a decent space, probably more than what is normally suggest because i found the heat is able to give a mroe even heat and i get less harshness. i think i leave about 3/16-1/8th inch of a gap in my egyptian bowls. i use 3 CH nats put al the way to the edge but not hanging off and put the wind cover on for about 5-10 mins while it warms up and have been not pulling for a few mins lately and it warms it up well. then i dont usually flip my coals but i move them still and it gives heat with out giving too much

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