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Default Odd experience at Tobacco Road-Bahrain

This isn't necessarily a review of a place but a comment from a shopping day so forgive my noobness if it's in the wrong spot. I took the family for a little Christmas shopping in Bahrain and happened upon the store, Tobacco Road. I figured there would be some shisha to examine and try so I went in. I'm pretty green but what I found was odd. First, the store isn't really a shisha store but deals mostly with cigars and such. They did carry only one brand of shisha in only three flavors. What's so weird? It was from Italy. I think it was Wazir or something like that. Here I am in the Middle East and the only tobacco store in the biggest mall in Manama is carrying European shisha? I thought it was kind of funny. Has anyone tried this brand? Maybe I should have bought some of 50g boxes and gave it a go.
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