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Default Re: Opening up a Lounge

always best to go through the suppliers as you'll save significantly.

on lowering costs...
if you're looking to save (what entrepreneur isn't?) consider MYA. i'm not affiliated with nor do i favor them in particular but their stuff is much cheaper.. and (i didn't know this until i had to deal with them personally) have 3-year replacement warranties an ALL parts.. something vendors neglect to tell us. parts are also easily available and replaceable, which you'll appreciate with the amount of traffic you're expecting. the different models would also make for an interesting ambiance.

for tobacco, try to deal directly with Starbuzz, Romman (hookah-shisha?), Tangiers, Al Fakher, etc.

been deployed to the middle east?
have you had the opportunity to visit the middle east and see prices for hookahs and tobacco? the difference is outrageous!

skip the middle-men...
don't go through the middle-men charging those prices. instead, be the middle-man charging them : ) your small business will enjoy perks from the suppliers you endorse.

GOOD LUCK!!! do share photos when you have them ~

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