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Default Re: Thinking of starting a box pass.

Originally Posted by Bassem View Post
Perhaps a way to keep the exchange more fair, or balanced, and also a way to involve a larger group of HP members than those directly involved with the exchanges, would be for the sender to document publicly (perhaps in a dedicated thread or category) what was sent, and more importantly, why. For instance, if I were to send a 150g of a favorite ( and more importantly authentic) Ameran blend to the Mad Hatter, and explain both to the Hatter and publicly to the thread that it was my current favorite, that to me it invokes the traditional non-commercial mo'assel type tobacco's that I grew up smoking, and that in my opinion it was the closest available blend comparable to the elusive, and now possibly legendary, Shooting Star. This would perhaps not only stimulate public conversation on the thread (i.e.- mo'assel vs. tobamel, commercial vs. non-commercial) but allow the person who receives the box to publicly decide what they intend to do with the gift. Keep 50g, contribute 50g of their favorite. Keep it all, and replace it with three different 50g samples of personal favorites. And of course, that person who received the gift can review said gift as seen fit, and then post what they are sending down the line, and why. It might keep the exchange more equitable, would certainly indirectly involve a lot of interested HP'ers, and would allow for some interesting exchange of opinion and experience.
That would be an awsome idea, but to keep it fair to the person receiving the box next (and a surprise), I think it should be that each person documents what is in the box when they receive it. It would still keep us honest and make sure that nothing is missing as the person who sent would know if that was a true receiving list or not.

I also think that to keep things more interesting and fast paced there should be several boxes doing a merry-go-round depending on the participant list size. Same basic ideas though, take what you want from the box, replace it with like worthy stuff, send it on. This way we could accomodate more than 10 people.
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