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Default HD foil vs Regular results

This may have been visited before, but thought I'd share. So recently I've had problems with temperamental sessions on my vortex using AF and Nakhla Mizo. For some reason I get and always have gotten my Starbuzz to smoke near perfect every time, but have been getting issues with some new brands I've been trying.

I was at my friends house last night and brought my KM over and figured he had HD foil but didn't. So naturally I used two layers of regular and it smoked surprisingly better than it has since I got it back in November. So tonight I loaded up a bowl of AF Grape and Mizo Guava, and it's smoking like a freggin dragon. Harshness issues are gone and smoke thickness is greatly improved. My conclusion; 2 x Regular foil > 1 x HD foil.

Anyone agree/disagree?
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