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Default Re: Opening up a Lounge

Originally Posted by thefaded View Post
If you're buying 30 hookahs, there's no way you should be spending $120 a piece on them. That's just crazy. I probably wouldn't spend $120 on a single hookah, let alone buying in bulk.
That was just the average prices, all my personal hookah's have been $100 haha. But of course buying in bulk especially at a wholesale company would drop the prices tremendously. Don't worry not dishing $120 a hookah when the time comes to buy, it was just to give us a price range.

Originally Posted by bpetruzzo View Post
Just to be clear, I wasn't suggesting 'high-end'. Simply being willing to consider the options available with a little more capital. A customer's experience may vary greatly between a $12k investment vs a $20k investment. It may simply be the difference between really nice, clean bathrooms and dingy ones--something that leaves more customers with a bad impression than anything else.

And, since any business' success is ultimately based the customer's sustained satisfaction with the perceived value of the product he receives, carefully directed capital can be a major deciding factor. Sometimes that means spending a little more. The very reason Apple computers has some of the highest customer loyalty in the business, regardless of their high price tags.
I agree that 12K to 20K can make all the difference from bathrooms, the feel of the place and such. However, my partner and I plan on doing the start up work ourselves with some friends of ours. Such as painting and setting/building up the inside of the place. So that cuts costs off already since we're not paying others to do it. We agree that appearance is a major thing, it is all about the first impressions of the place. If it looks sloppy/messy, people will mark it as that and walk away.

Originally Posted by glostersa View Post
Want to something similar here in SA but the prices of getting Good Quality Hookahs here is crazy
Good luck
Have you tried looking into ordering bulk from wholesalers? Also depends on the type/brand of hookahs you are looking at. We've based out plan on 30 hookahs at 120 a piece, that is just a rough estimate as we have not accounted the fact of a wholesaler or bulk.

Originally Posted by Black_Mamba View Post
So have you done a business plan yet? I had started one, as I have also been thinking about doing the same thing as you (although not in VA), but I didn't finish it. It seems I have similar strategies and plans as you do. Roughly same startup costs and such. The only thing I hadn't figured out was the licensing, LLC, EIN and such. If you did finish a plan, is it really a feasible business? Does it have the potential to make money and possibly even make a decent living? I am not really looking to get rich, this just seems like something I would love doing and would like to give it a shot. and if I DID get rich, that would be awesome.

So to sum up this late night rant, is a hookah lounge a good investment for a small business?
We are still fine tuning out business plan although we do have a base for it already down. We are still working on the licensing and EIN, we have to wait until Monday to do anything about that because of the holidays. My partner and I do believe it is a great business given the right time and dedication to make it happen. It is all about how committed you are to making it happen as well as your plan! I'd be willing to help if you needed as I am sure many others would as well!
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