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A buddy of mine here in Oklahoma city got busted about a year ago. Someone saw him smoking a hookah IN HIS APARTMENT through the window and called the cops saying there was drug activity. They came and knocked on his door. When he opened the door they questioned him and he explained to them the hookah. Once they saw it, they arested him for suspision of drug activity. Since they had something that "could be used by a reasonable person to smoke an illegal substance", they searched his property. As they searched his property, they took, "confiscated" 4 hookahs and several tubs of shisha to test for illegal substances. This was on a friday afernoon around 4pm. He sat in a jail cell until monday around 11am. Once he saw the judge, he was released pending further investigation of the materials taken. It took 3 weeks for him to be cleared. He got his hookahs back, but no shisha. Seems that people only believe what they want to believe. Oh, and since he worked for a prison and was supposed to be at work Fri night, and couldnt come in for 3 days, he was fired.
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