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Hey BigE-
They'll call you and ask you to come down and pick it up. FedEx doe's this automatically, USPS about 1 out of 8. If there's any due VAT (value added tax) or tariff due, you pay them there, and they give you your stuff. The amount charged is directly related to the amount brought in. If you're bringing in 10 or 20 kilo's, it adds up. Way up! A couple of small bottles, a couple of bucks.

The other thing to remember is that if your package was shipped USPS, USPS uses standard commercial flights to move their stuff. That's why it's so cheap. So, for example, the snow storm last week-end on the US east coast that grounded commerical flights for 24 hours plays absolute havoc with USPS deliveries, and can turn an 8 day delivery into a 12 to 15 day delivery. Fed-Ex has their own planes, and they recover hella' faster, but they charge for it.
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