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[FONT=Century Gothic]my observations on the Heba used with small, medium, and large hookahs...

[/FONT][FONT=Century Gothic]slightly smoother smoke -- more apparent when it gets harsh. there's a window when it's bearable with the diffuser, unbearable without it. it makes a slight difference.

[/FONT][FONT=Century Gothic] slightly thicker smoke -- [/FONT][FONT=Century Gothic]don't know the details of how or why. even smooth smoke, when very dense, can make me cough. the smoke is slightly thicker with one.. and it helps me tolerate it more.

[/FONT][FONT=Century Gothic] significantly quieter -- [/FONT][FONT=Century Gothic]big difference in gurgle volume with and without the diffuser.. using the same water level. if your water is only 1"-2" above the down-stem, it nearly silences it, i.e. no more hubbly bubbly. the gurgle gets louder if you increase the water level.. if you want to keep it : )
[/FONT][FONT=Century Gothic]
more restricted draw --
[/FONT][FONT=Century Gothic] i opened up the Heba holes after first use. draw is still perceptibly tighter but nowhere near when it was.. a virgin. this may not be an issue with some bigger hookahs, but i expect it is with most.[/FONT][FONT=Century Gothic]. depends on what you have.

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