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I generally hate "what is the best ____" threads because there's no way to quantify something as "better" than another. It's entirely subjective.

Example: Nakhla Earl Grey - intense and fantastic flavor (if you like Earl Grey only) and Nakhla buzz. If you don't like Earl Grey flavor, you'll hate it.

Tangiers has a lot of exotic flavors, and the Noir line packs a huge buzz.

I haven't tried everything under the sun by any means, but of all that I have tried, Tangiers Pear is hands down the heaviest buzz and most flavorful/delicious shisha I have ever tried.

A lot of people have strong feelings about Tangiers, so hopefully this doesn't turn into a poo-fling fest. Just my 2 cents though - if you are looking for a buzz and flavor, it's probably worth looking into Tangiers. Some have had trouble with the acclimation process, and some have sworn off ever buying/recommending it as a result (which is usually where the poo-flinging starts). All I can suggest is give it a shot - if it works for you, it can be amazing.
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