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Default Re: Opening up a Lounge

That makes a lot of sense. We tried not to cross flavors over with other brands, so each brand has it's own flavors with it. However, have 2-3 brands with a lot of flavors rather than 6-7 brands with a few flavors seems like the way to go because then it would offer a lot more of a variety in flavors.

However, each brand has it's own reason. Hydro Herbal for those who want to relax without the buzz or tobacco, Starbuzz and Tangiers as the two popular upscale brands followed with Nakhla and Al Fakher as the general lower priced popular brands. We have Romman as well, although, I do not think that will stay on the list. We'll have to work more on our shisha list and come down to a final decision as to go with flavors over brands or brands over flavors. But I completely agree with your reasoning.
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