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Default Re: Lebanon, a hookah fan's paradise

hey everyone!

well responding to the questions:

How does it smoke? It is amazing. Due to its massive bowl size, i get so much smoke in it that its incredible. I then made sure that when they customized it, they used large pipes, and they did. On top of that, my bowl is an XXL MYA and the the hose is also pretty large :P. All of this delivers smoke that i've never gotten out of any pipe in the world.

Is it worth $500? Well no. The reason it cost a lot is because it is so unique and made from a designer company here. The coal plate is white gold and the entire thing is made out of Plexi Glass which allows me to use any temperature and never worry about cracks. Amazing material.

Back to *************:

I don't agree with you about Lebanon. It took me a year to find out where to really buy my stuff. Now i have a store that will get me any pipe i want. Oh and if he cant find it, he will let me design it, and it will get made. I can get any pipe you know about, any bowl, any accessory and whatever flavor i want. All of this, for a lot cheaper than in the US. I have tried just about every flavor in the world and every type of coal you can imagine.

Awesome thing about Lebanon is that you can get all of this everywhere. About Down Town, you are right, it isnt great, but you have to admit that being able to sit in a town square with hundreds of people smoking shisha is pretty fucking amazing. From little children till grandparents, everyone is doing it.

To smoke really good hookah/shisha, you either come to my house, some of my friend's or this Hookah Bar called Hypnotic. I know them all. Just ask


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