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Default Re: Opening up a Lounge

Haha can't tell you the location However as for flavors and brands, we are trying to keep a wide selection of brands such as Starbuzz, Tangiers, Al Fakha, Hydro Herbal and Nakhla. Although, having a wide selection will also limit on how much we sell per brand. Some people will tend to be pulled more to the higher/premier ones such as Starbuzz or Tangiers while others will stick with Al Fakher and Nakhla.

It is tough deciding on which way to go, we both want to provide a vast selection but we can't decide on what brands to go with such as Al Fakha and Nakhla.

Menu so far:
Hydro Herbal
Al Fakha

---Has anyone tried Romman before, supposedly it is THE premier shisha on the market? We've had it on our list although we took it off because we haven't heard anything about it nor have we met anyone who has tried it.

-------- We are trying to find wholesalers for Hookahs as well as Shisha. We checked some out but the ones we have found do not offer a wide Shisha selection for what we are looking for. Any advice on this? Also we are looking for KM hookahs as our base supply, we are thinking that a 30" hookah is good for a lounge..any personal thoughts on this?

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