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Default Re: licence to smoke

Originally Posted by austinthecity
It sucks to pay the extra money, but think about it.

If someone smokes for 40 years and then ends up with cancer, why should I have to pay for their medical bill? Why should my taxes go to someone else's dumb decisions?

If they charge for a smoker's license, the money can go to the health care and not from my pocket..
And put yourself in that place - in 40 years, when you have a medical problem that is directly tied to tobacco smoking, are you going to put your money out and fix yourself or are you gonna rely on the money they "supposedly" set aside for you, when your time came due?

There will always be someone, somehwere that thinks they know what's best for everybody else....

And I love this quote from the article: "This is a half baked idea that lacks logic and credence."

You think?
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