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Default Re: Need some help IDing this KM

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
The KM rattle refers to how the tray sits loosely and will rattle around on some old models with a really big draw.

In all my time I have not heard about any included piece of metal inside the stem and mine does not have such a thing. I am going to check my KM when I get home from VA and make sure I didn't just miss something over the entire time I have been handling that particular hookah.

Also that seems to be near the top of the stem that he is getting the rattle.
yea idk why his does it at the top, but it actually makes sense because the hookah is built in Egypt with sand everywhere... ive heard of brand new KMs with sand in the ports. idk, thats just in my experience in the multiple KMs ive used. we should really ask a vendor who has handled hundreds of stems...
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