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Question What am I doing wrong??

Hi. I got a new KM a few months ago and it is my first hookah. It pulls really well but I have a problem... for some reason whatever shisha I put in it doesn't TASTE GOOD. It doesn't taste nasty but it doesn't taste good. Trust me, I have read/watched all of the shisha reviews and bought some of the best reviewed flavors, but why is it when I smoke them they taste bad? It doesn't taste burnt. I don't think that is the problem. Any ideas?

For example ... my batch of AF eskandarani apple smells like nice apple from far away but like chemicals up close and does not taste or smell DELICIOUS (like everyone says) when I smoke it. I am longing for the yumminess I get when I go to my local hookah bar... that's why I got my own. Help please!
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