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Default Re: Need some help IDing this KM

Originally Posted by albadin View Post
ALSO something not everybody knows about is the KM "jingle" as i call it. give the stem a good shake, you should hear a small particle shaking inside of the stem somewhere. every KM as far as i know also has that attribute.
Originally Posted by abu ronin View Post
sounds like someone forgot that there's a little metal ball inside every purge on every KM.
Originally Posted by albadin View Post
no if you remove the purge valve...

you just have to do it right, its in the part with the hose port, as mine are... youll figure it out

ive done it on at least 10 different km stems
Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
Jingle? Nope. Sounds like you got some slag left over from the welds and it got trapped in the stem.
Its not weld slag, it's excess solder. Weld slag generally refers to flux residue where as slag inclusions refer to foreign impurities trapped in weld metal or base metal during the welding process. These do not apply to hookahs because they are soldered and flux used in soldering serves a different purpose than in welding.

Not all KMs have the loose pieces of solder inside the stem, only those constructed by an inexperienced solderer. Newer KMs tend to have a lot more of it from the batches I've examined. It's more apparent in hollow stainless steel stems as ss is harder to wet, IOW the chromium oxides make it harder for solder to stick/flow. It's not unique to KMs either.
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