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Default Harsh Smoke?

Hi everyone,
I am fairly new to Hookah and I bought my first hookah last week, so far I've been able to smoke three times. I've noticed from smoking three times is that I get this harsh smoke after 30 minutes. So I tried removing the coals and then putting it back on. The smoke almost makes me cough, perhaps due to ashes? I am using 3 CH naturals, egyptian bowl and Nakhla Fakfakhina Mixed Fruits. I am smoking from a KM 31" Kafae. I also have noticed that there is lot of ashes that falls into the bowl, and the holes arent big at all, I use toothpick. So any advice would be appreciated.

On a side note, every time I try purging, it seems that the smoke goes out of the bowl and not the purge valve. I dont know what I can do with that.
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