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Default Re: Sensible Smoking

My son is home from school and he had a few friends over today and they were smoking my 2 KM's using whatever shisha they wanted to use, Tangiers lucid, Nakhla, SB. Anyway I use Coco's and they were using phunnel bowls, broke one, anyway I left went to the movies came back a good three+ hours later and they were still smoking. They know how to smoke but my point is my son had the worst headache he's ever had and it has to be CO poisoning. When you're not used to smoking like I am and have a marathon for probably close to 4 hours you will get sick. I was very concerned, he never does more than an hour tops and rarely smokes at all and he's feeling better after like 4 advil over a period of 3-4 hours but I was worried for a while. Anyway the hookah lounge is closed to them unless I'm around and only for one or two bowls tops with no tricks. But he learned a lesson like we all have and he wont be doing any marathons in the near future. I have never got a headache from a natural coal yet but I have from QL's in the beginning doing my own marathons but too much of any coal can cause this I guess. I also think Starbuzz does it because every headache I ever had was when using QL's and SB during the hours of smoking.

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