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Default Re: Extending the smoke with Nakhla?

Originally Posted by uglybiker View Post
Do it. A touch of glycerine brings dried out Nakhla back to life and, more importantly, doesn't affect the flavor like molasses can.
Just be careful, too much glycerine at one time can make your shisha taste like soap. I've gotten excellent results by mixing in a little bit at a time until the tobacco just starts looking shiny when held up to a strong light.
Thanks, I'll pick up some today and see how it goes. I haven't found the molasses to change the flavor noticeably. Then again, I am using only a small amount of it. But I have a feeling that adding a touch of glycerin and molasses together might go a long way.

Originally Posted by MichaelMassacre View Post
Yeah adding in some Nakhla Khan el Khalil helps a ton... Thickness wise & 'buzz' wise if you are looking for that.

I add mizo gum in to enhance moistness & longevity... Or a phunnel packed tight with holes through the shisha for long two rounded coal sessions with OG Nakhla.
I'm a little uncertain what you mean. What is Nakhla Khan El Khalil? Is it a kind of Nakhla or an ingredient of some time? Also, what is Mizo Gum? I thought Mizo was a kind of Nakhla.
This is my:
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