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Default Few questions

I would like to say hi all hookah pro's from Croatia.

I'm a new hookah fan and I would like if you could help me with few of my problems.

1) Buying shisha with Paypal. There are some sellers that declare their shisha to be herbal shisha (no tobacco) but as far as I know, Nakhla (one of their selling products) contains tobacco. My problem is that I don't have a credit card (yes, I'm over 18) but a debit card (Visa Electron and Paypal) and buying shisha on-line is very difficult.

2) Has anyone tried Habibi from Mac Barren? That is the only available shisha in a radius of 200 km
When I bought my first hookah (an Ager) I received a 40gr Nakhla Apple shisha and it is perfect and now I'm forced to switch to Habibi (read some reviews on the net but they don't sound promising)

3) In the lack of good shisha I would like to try to produce some of my own shisha but alas there is no molasses available. Is is possible to use unrefined (pure), thick honey? What ratios of fruit:tobacco:honey:glycerin would you recommend?

Thanks in advance.
p.s. Sorry for the bad english
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