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Default Re: Question about Tangiers..

Originally Posted by austinthecity
i've had nothing but great sessions with tangier's peach iced tea. i'm sure most of it is due to this forum, but it's been good.

a lot of pretty big holes, blow through the bottom after you poke holes, start off with a little heat, add more as you go
Trust me I've tried EVERYTHING you could think of. Bigger holes, more foil, less foil, more heat, less heat, more baccy, less baccy, more coals less coals.

Nadda! nothing! Zilch!

Countless threads of asking for help and nothing

Maybe if I'm ever down san diego, I'll visit Eric's lounge to learn it from the man himself! :]

Someone I know went down there and learned! Maybe I'll ask that person to teach me too cuz I can't get Tangiers to smoke for anything. Its always harsh. And if it isn't, thin smoke and no flav. OR thin smoke lots of flav....OOORRR lol lots of smoke, not harsh, but no flav! ahhh
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