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Default Re: KM Wholesale????

Okay, as a former retail manager and a former hookah bar monkey, let me say this:

First, I will not disclose the wholesale price of pipes out of respect for the vendors.

Now, let me say something about retail cost: Just because a vendor buys an item at wholesale price, which can be anywhere from 10% to 70% of retail, that does not mean that it is the actual cost the vendor needs to recoup. The retail cost of a given item entails its actual wholesale cost, operating costs and overhead, and gross profit.

If I buy a hookah wholesale for $50, and sell it for $100, that looks like a lot of profit... But when you consider operating costs, I might only be making about $10 actual profit (After my business costs are covered.)

If I had to reckon a guess, I'd say that pipes are probably not huge profit-producers for most vendors (Just speculation here), I suspect most of their actual revenue comes from tobacco and coal sales.

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