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Default the police took my km

I was smoking on the beach, as I often do when an animal control officer drove by. She laughed and asked "what are you doing?" I replied "Smoking a hookah". She called a regular officer over. He told me he could arrest me right then for possession of drug paraphenalia. Even if I was in my own house, a pipe was illegal. He then tested the tobacco. This whole time I was very polite. He called his lt. who told him to seize everything, including a Khalil Mamoun pipe and a BRAND new nammor hose, and give me a warning for possession of drug paraphenallia. He said it would be tested and if it came back negative I'd get it back but he couldn't promise about the pipe. I was quite upset.

I went home and my dad wasnt happy and went with me to the station. As we drove the Officer called me saying that tobacco was mine but I couldnt have the pipe and they could still give me a $500 ticket. We showed up and he started to try and feed some this is a town ordinance bullshit to me. Long story short, I'm out a km and a nammor and feel wronged. I looked into the ordinance and I did nothing illegal. They claim that any "drug paraphenallia" is illegal in the town. He also kept calling it a **** and got annoyed everytime I corrected him.

Now, I have a decision. Do I get a lawyer and push them, making me a very hated man in that town but teaching them a lession, or do I just get a new rig? Has anyone been in a situation like this and have any advice??


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