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Default Re: KM purge valve problem

Originally Posted by glostersa View Post
There is a few options open to you.

I would suggest contacting foibled via Pm he does Hookah repairs and would be the best to give you advice on this problem.

Also contact the supplier about the problem maybe they can do a stem replacement for you.

Next option is to desolder the purge and have it cut on a lathe to have the taper repaired. Please note there is a specific taper in the purge valve to accommodate the ball and ensure a good seal. So plonking in some JB weld is not an option.

(wish that JB Weld and duct-tape would cease to exist damn cannot do that then the world of thousands of people will fall apart)

Next option is sealing up the purge and not using it (Bad idea)

So the best two options will be the first two contact foibled and the supplier. Unless you have a spare purge from a old hookah that you can use to replace this one with.
I bought it from a hookah bar, I doubt they will let me replace it but Im cool with the manager so I will talk to him about it and see what I can do.

I will contact foibled also
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