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Default Shisha for Food Drive

My club recently had a smoke in to raise food for the local community pantry. I hope that everyone is aware (not by personal experience) that the lousy economic situation has left lots of hard working people unable to feed themselves and what little community support is available has been left over extended. While the members of my club canít do much about such things we did act yesterday.

What happened. Is that we sent out a mailing (thank to P. MacCage for the free postage) to everyone that helped out with our efforts in the past as well as our members and let them know about the event. Next, we informed a few of the local activist groups and lots of food stores about our plans.

We held a shisha smoke and club members kicked in $20 for a great (thanks to Atiff for donating your kitchen, food and employees at a cut rate) which left $15 per attendee to go to the food drive. Smoking supplies for 150 people were generously proved by F. Dennsted who also paid for the great Persian music. The end results were that we collected 200Kg worth of canned goods and bought 2250USD worth of credit slips for food from various retailers.

Everyone seemed to have a great time and a few families will have a little less stress this month.
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